in all honesty, this is mostly an excuse to post the contents of a folder of 3500+ photos of interiors that i have been hoarding for years now.

essentially, delightful dwellings is photos of beautiful, interesting and/or unique living spaces. none of the photos are taken by myself (unless otherwise stated), and since i've just been saving things in a folder for the past few years without sources, as it was previously just my own private collection of photos and there was no need for it, and i do remember the sources of a few which i will try to mention, but for 95% of the photos i can't remember at all - so if you know who to credit for anything posted here, please let me know! also, if you took the photo yourself and would like it removed rather than being credited, just let me know.

also, feel free to submit a photo; submitting photos of your own dwellings is strongly encouraged as well!

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